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    Animal Alliterati - An Alphabet Adventure, written and illustrated by Travis Tom, is an alphabet book fully illustrated with animals from A to Z. The book is written in alliteration for each letter of the alphabet making it a quirky tongue-twisting fun read. For example: "An alligator, ant and astronaut ate apples and asparagus alone at an art agency". Imagine what each letter of the alphabet has in store..."Clucking Chickens, Gray Giraffes, Magical Monkeys, Two Twin Turtles, and Zealous Zippy Zebras." This is Tom's first attempt at writing and illustrating a children's book and hopes to create more books for publication in the near future. Animal Alliterati became available on the iBookstore, B&N NOOK, and LuLu.com (for android users) on January 3, 2012. The book is also available as a PDF coloring book and can be purchased by visiting www.hi-artpress.com (this site) and linking to the store (a PDF version of the coloring book will be personally e-mailed by the author to the e-mail provided on the PayPal account).

    The illustrative style of this book was born from a colophon originally created for a book arts course Tom took while attending University of Georgia in 1989. A colophon is an emblem publishers and printers use to identify their books and other works. This 'Pigasso' colophon was originally made into a metal block for printing on a Vandercook Press, but as is evident by the book's graphic style, later became the inspiration for Animal Alliterati.

    The book itself was inspired by an assignment from The Creative Postcard Club also founded by Tom in 2000. It was during an early round in which participants were assigned a letter to illustrate. Tom was given the letter 'A' and chose to illustrate 'alliteration' with the sentence, "An alligator, ant and astronaut ate apples and asparagus alone at an art agency affirming an amusing alliteration." Members were asked to mail their creative solutions to the editors of HOW magazine, who in turn selected the letters A, X, I and G for an article featured in one of its issues. The eBook version is shortened.

    Travis Tom is an award-winning designer, illustrator and icon specialist focused primarily on print and custom illustration and icon design. His work has been featured in PRINT, HOW and Money magazines and published in "1000 icons, symbols + pictograms" by BlackCoffee for Rockport Publishers. His work is also feature in "Graphic Solutions", a university text book by Robin Landa. In 1999 he was the sole designer and created over 90 browser icons including Web mail icons for Netscape/AOL. He has also completed projects for UC Berkeley, Augusta University, Priceline.com, Netscape Communications, Coca-Cola Company, Hyatt Hotels Corporation, HOW magazine, Mt. Olive Pickle Company, and Georgia-Pacific while helping brand and market many small businesses and start-ups throughout his career.

    A BFA graduate of the University of Georgia, Tom has interned in New York City, worked and lived in San Francisco and Atlanta, and is now based out of a home studio in Augusta, GA. In addition to design, Tom enjoys pursuing his interests in publishing and photography. He can be contacted at tnticon@aol.com.

    See his work at www.tntomdesign.com


    All site content copyright © 2016 Travis N. Tom for Hi-Art Press, Augusta, GA


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