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  • Hi-Art Press is realization of a life long dream of starting a greeting card venture and publishing original designs. Founded by Travis N. Tom, a designer, illustrator and icon specialist by trade. He is a graduate of University of Georgia where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in graphic design. His work is nationally recognized and published in PRINT Magazine and HOW Magazine and is prominently featured in the book, "1000 icons, symbols + pictograms" by BlackCoffee for Rockport Publishers. Some of his icon work is also published abroad by publishers in Japan and Spain. Visit his online portfolio at wwww.tntomdesign.com to view his print, illustration and Web designs.

    The name Hi-Art... is a play on words as in art that says hello through a postcard format and art you might find in a museum (high-art). The goal of Hi-Art Press is to create original art, publish it and share it with the world. There will be a combination and variety of printed work including series and single prints. Tee-shirts and illustrative type sets may also show up in the store.

    Most of the digital prints are 4"x6" in size and printed on a digital printer on a 14pt card stock. Some calendars will be custom sizes. Go green, a postcard is 50% of the paper used for a traditional fold card.

    One of his dreams is now realized... He is a publisher and curator of his own art store featuring postcards, an eBook and affiliate of Merch by Amazon.

    All site content copyright © 2023 Travis N. Tom for Hi-Art Press, Augusta, GA


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